Live in Marbella: Why Move to Marbella?

The Andalusian beauty located in the south of Spain, better known as Marbella, is a European synonym for luxury. Marbella is not just defined by its elegant nightclubs and beach bars. From beautiful seafood to one of the best and most beautiful shopping bases in the south of Spain.

But there are many other things that go along with this Mediterranean city. Because of all these characteristics, working and living in Marbella is a perfect choice. Below you will find out why Marbella is the perfect place to live.

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Moving to Marbella? Yes, or no?

Why is Marbella so specific?

Is Marbella safe to live?

Prices in Marbella

What kind of jobs are in Marbella?


Where to Live in Marbella?



Pros of living in Marbella

Cons of living in Marbella

Moving to Marbella? Yes, or no?

If you are wondering if Marbella is the ideal place to live, our answer is yes. But before you decide on this venture, see for yourself. On the one hand, you have the ideal weather and summer vibes. Many residents have holiday homes in this area. Costa del Sol is offering some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Some of the most popular beaches are Guadalmina, San Pedro and Nueva Andalucía.

Moving to Marbella is offering a wide range of social networks. This is actually a very good thing because you will be able to ask other ex-pats for advice, hints, and tips regarding daily life in Marbella. In the moments when you are new in the area, this can be very helpful. Of course, the nightlife is very popular in Spain, and Marbella offers a large selection of cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and beach clubs. Everyone will find the ideal place for themselves. We must not forget that in Marbella we can enjoy several Michelin Star restaurants.

Marbella is just three hours away from some of the biggest cities in Europe. And for that reason, they have a very good connection with other cities. Here we can hear many different languages from all around the world, but it would be nice if you learned a few words of Spanish.

Moving to Marbella brings a real little oasis of happiness for all golf lovers. Marbella has the largest number of golf courses in the entire Costa del Sol. With golf, you can enjoy sailing, but that’s not all this city has to offer. In an ideal climate, outdoor activities are an indispensable part. Shopping is an indispensable part of this city, the old town brings a multitude of traditional, local, and craft shops. While in Puerto Banus you can find a huge number of well-known brands.

Why is Marbella so specific?

Marbella is belonging to the province of Malaga. On the shores of the Mediterranean, it has always been one of the key points to consider. One of the most important features of Marbella is its location. Just three hours away from major European cities, Marbella is a city where you can enjoy the sun and warm weather all year.

In the past, Marbella was a quiet and modest fishing village, and today one of the most elegant resorts. Near Gibraltar, the Mediterranean Sea flows into the Atlantic Ocean and spectacular mountains in contrast to the beautiful beaches which protect Marbella from the heat and terrible cold. All this is creating a unique climate specific to this area. We can say that this is a dream city, but at the same time extremely unusual.

La Concha in Mountain in Marbella
La Concha Mountain

Extremely beautiful seashore, lush subtropical gardens, mountains, rivers, cascades, and beautiful villages filled with a millennial history. In the mountains around the Marbella, archeologists find human habitation in the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras. Some of them believe that the first settlement was from the 7th century BC. But still, they didn’t find any trace. Marbella could be founded by the Romans. Many scientists think that this is Salduba, the city which is mentioned by Pliny and Ptolemy. But what is true, still no one can tell.

One thing is clear, Marbella is the city in which it is worth living.

Perfect weather for perfect people

The big bait for many people who want to live in Marbella is the weather. Since the Mediterranean has a great influence on the climate, temperatures are always pleasant. If we know that in some other areas, winter temperatures are well below the minus, the average of 16 ° C in Marbella sounds perfect. And the summer average is 25-30 ° C sounds even better.

Which is ideal for enjoying the sun and drinking a cocktail on the beach. Such a favorable climate is a great lure for the rich and famous. So, it will not be a strange thing if you move to Marbella, and your first neighbor is some famous world star. Or you can simply meet them on a daily walk around the city. Who wouldn’t want to live in Marbella, a city where you can meet Antonio Banderas, Novak Djokovic, Eva Longoria, Gareth Bale or some other world-famous person?

Dreamy surroundings

In the vicinity of Marbella, we can see beautiful mountains, with two beautiful national parks. One of them is Doñana. Doñana used to be a large hunting ground, but today it is one of the largest and best-preserved wetlands in Europe. An ideal place for walks and enjoying exploring the Atlantic River delta. Only two hours away is the Sierra Nevada, a snowy mountain range known for its rich flora and fauna, but also as the southernmost European ski resort.

In summer, this area is one of the main centers for hiking and mountain biking. A little further from Marbella, you can enjoy the beautiful city of Ronda, with the beautiful landscape it offers a large number of hiking trails. You can also enjoy in great wines in this area. Just one hour away from Marbella you can visit Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Stairs. If you like height, this is an ideal place for a trip.

Ronda, close to Marbella
Ronda (Málaga)

If you do not want to go further than Marbella, our recommendation is Parque de la Constitución. A park located close to the port of Marbella. You can enjoy the green trees in this park. water bodies and winding paths. Just a couple of minutes away from the center, you can enjoy the LLanos de Juanar. In this park, you can enjoy various types of pine trees, but it is also a paradise for wildlife. It will not be strange if you notice mountain goats, eagles, and other birds of prey. Marbella has such a good location that a stunning landscape can be found on your doorstep.

Party nights make the best memories

When we mention Marbella, the first thing everyone will think about is the party. Once you start to live in Marbella, you will realize that parties can be on a completely different level. Lots of bars and clubs, including some of the best and most beautiful beach clubs. Wherever way you go in this city, you can enjoy a good party until the early morning hours.

What is more important, Marbella’s nightlife isn’t only guaranteed for the summer, but throughout the year. If you are not a big fan of partying until the morning, and you like good food, you will be very happy to live in Marbella. A large selection of restaurants offers something for everyone. Some of the best restaurants are located in the Plaza de Los Naranjos which is part of the old town of Marbella. Great wines, good food, and Michelin stars restaurants will make a perfect combination.

Best place to live in Marbella
Plaza Los Naranjos (Marbella)

Puerto Banús

Marina located in the area of Nueva Andalucia is built by local investor José Banús in 1970. His main goal was to build a luxury marina and shopping complex. Since then, the area has become one of the largest entertainment centers on the Costa del Sol.

Around the marina, you can see some of the largest and most expensive yachts in the world and you can enjoy in a large number of shopping malls, restaurants, and bars. During the year, this place is visited by a large number of people.

Stylish Beaches

If we translate the name Marbella, we will get “Beautiful Sea”. And that is true. Here you can enjoy many sandy beaches. Some of the most beautiful beaches can be found on the Costa del Sol. Great beaches are very close to the center of Marbella. The closest beach to the town center is Playa de la Fontanilla. For fans of sandy beaches, the perfect beach will be Playa Alicate. Many beaches in the Marbella area have blue-flag status. For many, this is the most important item because it is a guarantee that the beach has extremely clean water and that the area around the beach is extremely clean.

Alicate beach
Alicate Beach

Is Marbella safe to live?

Although this area is known as the Costa of Crime, Marbella is generally a safe place to live. Due to the large circulation of people, Marbella attracts a variety of people and for that reason become a favorite sport for international drug traffickers and the mafia. But when it comes to your security, it will be on the same level as in London or Madrid. A lot has been done since 1980, and crime has been reduced to the smallest possible branches.

Also, the number of burglaries has been drastically reduced since 2009. We can see a large number of rich people in Marbella, so it is no wonder that it will attract those who want to earn money in the wrong way. But this will happen in every city, and it’s nothing unusual or strange. In the end, it is important that you can feel safe despite all this because you know that the police and all institutions are doing their job.

Prices in Marbella

Although at first, it seems that Marbella is an expensive city, the essence is actually different. Marbella is cheaper than some other big European cities. If we compare prices with cities of similar size, then the situation would be somewhat different. But since Marbella is very popular among tourists, demand dictates the price. If you decide to live in this area, it is important to know that life here is 43% cheaper than living in London, but also 39% cheaper than living in Paris.

Working and Living in Marbella also offers grocery shopping at a much lower rate than in the rest of Spain. If we compare life in London and Marbella, in Marbella you will need an average of £ 2,800 for a life that would cost £ 4,700 in London. Of course, if you rent accommodation in both cities.

Marbella city centre
Marbella City centre

What kind of jobs are in Marbella?

Marbella has the most represented service sector, which includes catering and real estate sales. As many as 60% of jobs in Marbella are in these sectors. A large number of people are looking to buy property in this area, and a huge number of shops make sales deals very popular. While jobs in the hospitality industry are extremely popular in the summer months. What is also popular are the storage areas where you can put everything you don’t need at the moment, and self-storage Estepona is in first place when it comes to the quality of service.

With an increasing number of people interested in this part of Spain, either for work or private reasons, it is not surprising that the term coworking Marbella has been heard more and more recently.

Most importantly, you can find a job and work remotely from Spain, in this city even if you don’t know Spanish. Residents of the city are international and often work with the staff in English. If you don’t know how to find a job here, our recommendation is to check our jobs in Marbella for web developers, marketing, and web designers. And Diario Sur has a special category where job advertisements are published in Spanish and English.


For every family with children, education is a priority. Certainly, one of the first items parents will look for their children is an acceptable school. And only then will they look for suitable accommodation. In Marbella, we have three options, an international school, a private school, and a Spanish public school.

Spanish public schools are free for all Spanish citizens. They are completely free until the age of 18. Although there is no tuition, parents are the ones who have to buy books and all the necessary school supplies, as well as pay for trips and other extracurricular activities. Public schools are an ideal environment for younger children because they can learn the language faster. For older children who don’t know the language best, a public school could be a small problem. It is difficult to fit in. In such a case, the ideal choice for them would be international or private schools.

In Marbella, you can find a large number of private schools that will meet the needs of every child. One of the best private schools in Costa del Sol is Aloha College. Here children can attend primary and secondary school. Also, we should mention other private schools like Colegio San José which is bilingual, the British primary school Saint George’s School, Las Chapas and Ecos, La Latina, and Colegio Alboran. All of those schools will provide your children with the best possible education.

When we talk about international schools, they are ideal if you do not plan to stay in Marbella for a long time. Many children of foreigners will attend those schools, and for that reason, they put a lot of effort into making the curriculum consistent and making the transition of children to another school as easy as possible. The most popular international schools in Marbella are Calpe College, British International School, Swans International School, English International College, and Laude San Pedro International College.

Aloha College
Aloha College

Where to Live in Marbella?

Different properties with different architectural styles and prices are available on the real estate market. In order to find that ideal property, you will have to take the time and investigate. Marbella is offering many great opportunities, and if you decide to live here, you will need to choose the location. There are many towns and villages in the area which you can choose.

If you are a fan of a gated community near a golf course, Nueva Andalucía is an ideal choice for you. In case you don’t have a limited budget, Golden Mile will be a perfect choice for you. But if you are a fan of authentic Spanish ambiance with a strong cultural heritage, Benahavis is a perfect place for you. Seaside San Pedro isn’t far away from the center, but still far enough so you can enjoy the quiet moments, and slow tempo. These are just some of the locations to live in, and you need to choose the ideal one for you.


In Marbella, you can expect very good healthcare. But if you have state-funded healthcare, keep in mind that many times the doctors know English very well. But, we recommend you learn Spanish or take a friend who knows Spanish with you. The second option is a private doctor. In Marbella the main state hospital is the Costa del Sol. It is one of the best-equipped hospitals in Spain. In this hospital, you can find everything that is necessary. About 15% of visitors are foreigners, so you will find translators here.

Their main role is to help those who don’t speak Spanish. In Marbella, we can find a wide range of private institutions. So, at Quirónsalud Hospital Marbella you can seek medical help from 0-to 24. In addition to all hospitals, a large number of general practitioners and other medical centers are available. You can feel very secure in Marbella.


If we are looking for an ideal country to retire to, then this is Spain, especially in the South of the country. And one of the best places to live in Spain is Marbella. Once you retire, in Marbella you can enjoy the old part of the city which is full of culture, beautiful weather and great restaurants. A perfect way to spend your days.

Here we can see a large number of foreigners, and for that reason, there is a large community that helps you in the moments of retirement. The Mediterranean diet has a reputation as one of the healthiest. Once you retire, you shouldn’t have any problem connecting with the locals, and making new friends. Marbella is offering a lot of opportunities, and it’s up to you to discover them.

Victor's Beach Bar Marbella
Victor’s Beach Bar

Pros of living in Marbella

In our opinion, moving to Marbella is better than just being a tourist. You will get to know the places where only locals go, make lifelong friends and enjoy. For Andalusians, we can say that they are some of the most beautiful people. Certainly, the main reason for this is that they live a peaceful and calm lifestyle. They enjoy in the fresh air, long walks. We can say that they live a slower pace of life.

All this will make your life more pleasant and relaxed. One of the great lures is the incredible weather and the climate. Marbella is a city that has more than 320 sunny days a year. There are large communities for all expatriates that allow them to adapt more easily. Children can attend different schools, and parents can be sure that their children will have the best possible education.

Even if you do not know Spanish, this shouldn’t be an obstacle because a large number of people also speak other languages. Health care is at a high level, and everyone can feel safe.

Marbella in Winter

Cons of living in Marbella

Life in Marbella is amazing. But of course, there are some shortcomings that you have to take into account. Similar to other tourist destinations, this city can be crowded in summer. During this time, it is good if you can go on holiday somewhere else. But also, if you have space that you can rent, it will be a great opportunity. For some people is hard to fit into the Spanish culture. That is why it is great if you can join local organizations and get to know the local culture with their help.

Once you’re in Marbella, you have to get used to everything being slow. You may find this strange at first, especially if you come from a busy city. But watch out, once you get used to it, you’ll enjoy it. Many will say that buying real estate in Marbella is too expensive. The main reason for this is the fact that a large percentage goes to a real estate agent. If we look at all the advantages this city brings, we think the disadvantages are minimal. Marbella is a city that deserves a chance.