About Us

WorkinMarbella was founded by IDB Mobile, the leading mobile marketing company who are present in more than 25 different markets across the globe.

WorkinMarbella knows what it takes for companies and entrepreneurs to succeed in today’s environment. IDB Mobile created this company to offer a new way to connect with and support talent in their journey of entrepreneurship. Creating a world-class coworking space in the heart of Marbella. Research shows how coworking can boost motivation and productivity but also help businesses to network and recruit. It is easy to be isolated in Marbella even for companies as there is no real center of business, so it makes it harder to create teamwork or collaboration and to promote one’s company. WorkinMarbella aims to be an inspiring environment for creative ideas and ultimately provide access to powerful tools for growth, leadership, networking and funding.

WorkinMarbella is a business hub where like-minded people meet and share knowledge and their passion for work. Our regular events and conferences allow our members to market, expand their network and never stop learning.