Conventional office space – why coworking is a better option

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Coworking Convencional Office Space

Conventional office space used to be the only option, but today the situation is much different. Starting from the fact that employers, as well as employees, have many more options, it is certain that with a greater choice, the final solutions can be of much higher quality.

Conventional Office

Such spaces differ from common rooms and you can rent them directly from the landlord. In this case all about, furniture, style, and design you can control. However, all this comes at a price that is not small. However, as a business also started to change, it is difficult to expect that many companies will think about only one way of working. So what are all the options? And this is where coworking spaces come into play.

What exactly is a coworking space?

A bit like serviced offices, but not the same, it’s a fully equipped office managed by a service provider with a lot more freedom for all current occupants. Furthermore, such spaces are beautifully decorated by the service provider. Precisely because of the beauty of the office and its surroundings, it is not surprising that the term coworking Marbella many associates with this way of working. In other words, there are more and more people who decide to combine work and living in Estepona.

While on the one hand, the beautiful interior of the office stands out, on the other hand, the emphasis is usually on cooperation between users. It is easier for these users to communicate thanks to the overall organization of the office. Hot desks, VIP offices, or common rooms are the most important part of the coworking world for business development and user interaction.

Such premises are most suitable for developing companies or for all new companies that need more exposure. This is why the number of corporations that rely on coworking services to expand their business is increasing. Time savings, lower capital expenditure, and flexibility are only part of the whole story…

What are the disadvantages of conventional office space

For a well-known way of working that has been around for a long time, it is normal that there are advantages, but also disadvantages. One of the advantages, and perhaps the only one, is the possibility of customization. In other words, in this way of working, you have the right to change the contents according to your wishes. However, when it comes to shortcomings, the story is completely different.

Big expenses

A large number of such offices face increased costs due to space, facilities, and accessories. It is certainly not in the interest of any company to spend money unnecessarily when you can use them for something else.

The problem of issuing permits

Having your own office is only possible if you get all the necessary permits and register with the competent authorities. It is not necessary to emphasize how much time you need to collect all the important data.

Large investments

Having your own office also means big investments. To have everything you imagined from several offices, a conference room, and everything else, in the beginning, you need to invest a lot of money. Furthermore, such a large space requires regular investments for maintenance, so that it does not happen that the space begins to deteriorate.

Contractual obligation

The biggest problem for many who are looking for a suitable business space is the contractual obligation. Being bound for a long term with a minimum lease of 2+1 years up to 3+3 years will not be acceptable to many. Especially not to those who don’t care if all their employees are in the same place or spread around the world.

The main reasons why you should choose a coworking zone instead of a conventional office space

Gone are the days when novelties in the business world were reserved only for start-ups and freelancers. Soon, modern ways of doing business became widespread throughout the world in Europe and America. Terms like Marbella coworking and office space Marbella are increasingly in demand.

More services for better workflow

In addition to flexible workspaces and environments designed by top architects, many spaces offer amenities such as a play area, delivery services, a cloakroom, a spacious terrace, and a kitchen. Such work environments provide freedom for many to work in a separate office or to integrate and collaborate with other members.

Confrence cowork space

Positive impact of coworking on employees

Numerous studies are a clear indication that employees feel comfortable in the office and achieve better results. Since such spaces offer the possibility of networking, employees will have the opportunity to do more than in a smaller office.

Cowork offices are most often located in a part of the city with good traffic connections, which makes it easier for many people to get to work. There is usually a wide range of facilities near the workplace, from restaurants to gyms and other services.

Better connectivity

The mentioned rooms are a place where ideas are exchanged from all over the world and from various social strata. All these people work together within the same premises. Sharing office space with numerous experts unlocks numerous opportunities for network development as well as cooperation.

Most of these clubs organize fun activities and training to enable their members to interact better. Such a way of working can only result in higher productivity.

Faster problem solving

For every businessman, solving problems is part of everyday life. The common room allows them to connect with professionals and raise funds without wasting too much time.

More flexible solutions for the workspace

Unlike conventional office spaces that usually offer standardized office spaces, coworking spaces provide plug-and-play offices that do not require high investments.

Each employer or freelancer will thus be able to count on flexible solutions with the possibility of maximizing requirements.

Even though for some, less privacy may be the main disadvantage of these offices, on the other hand, private offices can also be part of coworkers.

Such rooms are for everyone who wants to enjoy their office in silence, while next to them are larger rooms with everyone else. Private offices are for all those who sometimes simply need a little peace.