Office Manager

Providing organizational and logistical support in all matters related to the work and ease functioning of the office, performing the necessary administrative tasks
Addressing daily office needs, purchasing office supplies
Collaboration with relevant departments to establish and implement office policies and procedures
Organization and maintenance of the workspace
Coordination and efficient transfer of information among employees
Establishing a good relationship and daily communication with employees and clients
Providing logistical, communication and administrative support to employees
Organizing events inside the company (banquets, team building, celebrations, motivational gestures ..)
Keeping records and organizing the recruitment of new human resources


  • Proven ability to organize work, coordinate different tasks, set priorities
  • Nicety in work, organization, dedication, ability to maintain attention to a number of different tasks of similar meaning
  • Patience, a positive approach to people and work, kindness, a proactive attitude, spotting details
  • Active use of English
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Work experience in similar jobs
  • Minimum: SSS

Company Advantages

  • Remote and office-based working
  • We offer private medical insurance
  • Work with latest technologies
  • Opportunity for internal promotion
  • Free continuous training
  • The best team you’ve worked with
  • Very good vibes!
  • Fun activities
  • We attend the most important congresses and conferences
  • Flexible schedule