Where is the best coworking place?

Work in Marbella.
best coworking place

Do you know where the best coworking place is? Before you start researching the best place where you could develop your business, it is good to familiarize yourself with coworking as such. Furthermore, it is necessary to know what to look for. It must be a space that includes the offer of various beverages, the possibility of printing, excellent Internet connection as well as the location.

A good coworking place will always provide a pleasant environment, business support, and profitability. The main task is to help innovators thrive by connecting them with the resources they need to succeed.

Best coworking place – Why move to Andalusia and work from there?

Andalucia is certainly one of the best places to enjoy a peaceful and safe life. A special view of life, cheap apartment prices, beaches, and gastronomy attract a large number of foreigners every year. Furthermore, the excellent functioning of the health system as well as the ease of integration for many immigrants. Numerous foreign companies appreciate the hospitality of the local population.

300 sunny days a year

Andalusia has one of the most unique climates in Europe for most of the year. Temperatures, although high in summer, are mild in winter, but high enough to keep you from getting cold. In other words, the perfect combination for constant enjoyment on the beach. Five of the eight Andalusian provinces have access to the sea. Furthermore, you can choose between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Perfect location for coworking

Life in Andalusia is not complicated. It is quite simple to move the office to a picturesque town or the beach. This part of Spain, like the Costa del Sol, brings together all the necessary infrastructure and services needed for remote work. In other words, a wide network of open space, free Wi-Fi in numerous cafeterias.

Work near the beach, from the top of a mountain… Or maybe near a street full of shops. If you are more of a fan of more functional options like work in Marbella you can choose from several excellent packages.

Coworking Estepona

Estepona is also one of the more popular locations that managed to preserve the beauty of the white villages despite the increasing number of tourists. The cobbled streets in the old part of town are full of picturesque houses, tapas bars, and colorful flower pots.

Life in that town can be fun and comfortable. A coastal city without a lot of crowds, numerous services nearby as well as a special location by the beach make it the perfect place for remote work. A well-equipped coworking space is only part of the rich offer of the city, which is difficult to remain indifferent to.

Excellent quality of life

The hospitable character of Andalusians is a clear guarantee that people in that part of Spain especially look at life. Furthermore, the balance between private and business life is a completely normal phenomenon. Whether it’s shopping in a store, buying a house, or going out to dinner, it’s much easier to live here on a normal salary.

Apartments at affordable prices

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what your budget is because you will have a lot of options at your disposal. Whether it’s an apartment in the middle of the city, a house in the mountains, or a villa on the beach, everything is cheaper than in the rest of Spain. And most importantly, much more affordable than in the rest of Europe. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to find luxury accommodation in the surroundings of Marbella and Estepona. In other words, the real estate market in Andalusia is diverse and suitable for all budgets.

A large selection of social activities

You could hear more than once how special the climate is in this part of Europe. Furthermore, it allows you to enjoy numerous natural environments as well as a rich offer of old city centers. Discotheques, beach bars, and pubs are just part of the rich offer. In Andalucia, you can enjoy playing golf, have fun on numerous hiking trails and relax with flamenco shows.

Quality health service

Did you know that public healthcare is one of the best not only in Europe but also beyond? On the one hand, there is a free healthcare system available to all citizens. On the other hand, there is a private health service with health insurance at excellent prices. The prices are adjusted so that a large number of people can have access to all the services they might need.

Simple adjustment

Andalusians are known to be open and friendly. Furthermore, they are known among Europeans for their good reception of foreigners. Furthermore, it is no coincidence that over 800,000 foreigners live in that part of Spain.

How Marbella supports digital nomads?

When coworking is mentioned, it is impossible not to think of digital nomads first. In other words, one of the most frequent users and promoters of this modern business service. But who are digital nomads? These are remote workers who regularly travel to various locations. Furthermore, they use modern technology to be able to work from a coworking place and connect with anyone anywhere in the world.

Marbella is certainly one of the best places in Europe with fast and stable internet. There is also a large community of those who can speak Scandinavian, English, and German.

There are several advantages of living in Marbella, which is why digital nomads love to come. One of the reasons is that it is affordable and well-connected. What is especially magical are the old quarters of Marbella with its marinas and the famous Puerto Banús. Even though it is best known as a tourist destination, it is increasingly becoming one of the main coworking centers.

Spain has long been an attractive destination for digital nomads, even before the pandemic forced many companies to allow employees to work remotely. Access to a large community of people from all over the world who have come to work here really offers a special experience that should not be missed.