What is Marbella like in winter? List of things to do

Work in Marbella.
Winter in Marbella

Marbella in winter… Even though this beautiful resort on the southern part of Spain’s Costa del Sol is best known for its beautiful beaches as well as drinking the best cocktails with a wonderful sunset, the question arises what about the rest of the year? In other words, what about other seasons such as winter?

It is a mistake to think that Marbella is a place to visit only during the hot summer months. Furthermore, people who live there year-round offer many more advantages if you choose to travel in winter. It is the residents who can best explain what is Marbella like in the winter.

And that is not all, whether is winter, summer, or another season of the year, this part of Spain is full of all those who come here to work. This is why the coworking Marbella idea is something familiar to almost everyone.

Advantages of Marbella in winter

Did you know that Marbella boasts 320 days of sunshine each year? Thanks to its special position under the watchful eye of the Sierra Blanca mountains, Marbella enjoys a microclimate. Because of this, winters are warmer and summers are colder. The average temperature in winter is 18 ° during the day and rarely drops below 10 ° at night.

Golf courses

Coming to this resort means spending a vacation full of fun, rest, and sun. However, there are several other reasons why coming during the winter is more than recommended. Marbella is also known for its excellent golf courses, which can be enjoyed all year round. If you want to test all your skills and see how good a golfer you are, you can do it at several locations.

One of these locations is the Santa Maria Golf & Country Club, located in the middle of beautiful Andalusia. In addition to golf, guests can enjoy bowling and tennis. Rio Real Golf Club is one of the most important golf courses in Costa del Sol. It is located on a slightly undulating terrain on a gentle slope that descends towards the sea.

Santa Maria Golf & Country Club
Santa Maria Golf & Country Club

Paseo Marítimo Marbella

Golf is not the only advantage to visit this part of Spain. Imagine walking by the sea without crowds. One of the most beautiful periods, when many people decide to go for a walk, is a sunset with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean to the Rif Mountains in Morocco. Walking between Marbella and Puerto Banus offers a wide selection of restaurants and pubs to enjoy.

As well as designer shops and beautiful beaches. Anyone who wants to combine the pleasant with the useful can opt for the endless boulevard that stretches from Marbella to Puerto Banus. With more than 10 miles of boardwalk, be free to walk until you break a sweat. However, if you are not a fan of walking, you can always go for a bike ride. When you get tired, take a break on one of the terraces.

Horse riding on the beach in Marbella in winter

Have you ever fantasized about riding a horse on soft sand? It’s time to realize your dream during winter. With the help of guides who offer two-hour tours along numerous beaches, you will be able to have an unforgettable experience.

If you are not an experienced rider or in other words have not yet learned to ride, you can do so right in this beautiful city. There are equestrian centers that offer courses for different ages. Try to live this experience, while working in one of the best coworking spaces in Marbella.

Horse riding on the beach
Horse riding on the beach

Mountain climbing

All lovers of adventure and adrenaline will enjoy several routes that cover incredible places for everyone who wants to enjoy hiking. Refugio de Juanar, Serranía de Ronda, Istán… There are many wonderful routes for trekking lovers, and because of its wonderful location with mountains on one side and the sea on the other, Marbella is perfect for hiking.

Refugio de Juanar – La Concha is a favorite local hiking route that takes approximately 5 hours. Los Monjes Ruins to the Xarblanca district is a route that takes approximately 3 hours while the Pozuelo Route takes the same amount of time.

Marbella Wine tourism

One of the most popular options for enjoying winter tourism is getting to know the wine tradition of this region. Visitors can enjoy areas that are emblematic of wine such as Montes de Málaga, Axarquía, and Serranía de Ronda.

El Caminito del Rey

Caminito del Rey is a walkway near the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro near Ardales. It is one of the most beautiful routes not only in Malaga but in the whole of Andalusia. It is located near the Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes Natural Landscape. Since it is a popular winter activity, it is important to book tickets on time.

Caminito del rey
Caminito del rey

Excursions near Marbella in winter

Near Marbella, just an hour away, is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia. Ronda is a historic city with a rich history and the birthplace of bullfighting. All tourists can enjoy sightseeing, numerous tapas bars, and restaurants, as well as hiking. Ronda is also one of the oldest cities in Spain. Granada is another unmissable location, teeming with a rich history. The picturesque village of Mijas is interesting because of its numerous hiking trails, an art gallery with some of the world’s leading painters, and a popular chocolate factory.

One-day trips to the ski slopes in the Sierra Nevada mountain range are especially popular. Before you come, think carefully about what clothes you will bring and how you will dress. The weather here changes frequently during the day. Wake up in the morning with fresh mornings when you will want to have some long sleeves.

However, around noon is a completely different story because the temperatures rise so quickly that you will want to wear short sleeves while you are in the sun. In the evening you have to be careful again because the temperatures drop, so light t-shirts or shirts with short sleeves are the best way to enjoy any time of the day.

La Concha Mountain

At the foot of the Sierra de las Nieves, just a few kilometers from Marbella, a mountain barrier in the shape of a shell juts out like a giant. La Concha is a unique location with an unforgettable view. If you start from Refugio de Juanar, you will have to hike 1200 m to the impressive peak.

During the winter you will have the opportunity to see the Atlas Mountains in Africa. The hike takes a total of six hours, which includes the ascent to the top and the descent. It is advisable to have enough food and water, as well as adequate protection from the sun.

La Concha
La Concha

It’s time for shopping

Marbella in winter is still the most glamorous place, at least when it comes to shopping. This very place offers three main shopping zones. The old town is one of the most beautiful places with a wide selection of boutiques. On the other side is Puerto Banus, one of the largest shopping centers with designer shops decorated in a Mediterranean style.

La Cañada is a modern shopping center in the northern part of the city and also one of the largest in Andalusia. Shopaholics will get their money’s worth because winter is the time to go shopping. The retail paradise during winter allows you to visit a large number of stores and enjoy many items without waiting in lines. It is advisable to shop during the day and in the middle of the week when you will have the entire sales team at your disposal.

Rich gastronomic offer

A large selection of restaurants implies a rich culinary offer. Mosh Fun Kitchen is great for anyone looking for a place to have a night out. With great music and food, a good time is guaranteed. Hacienda Patagonica is for casual dining and amazing steaks. Restaurante Messina with a Michelin star is not to be missed. The gastronomic offer of the city is so incredible that it is suggested to try a different dish every day. It is important to visit the restaurants in the historic center. On sunny winter days enjoy traditional beach bars with excellent dishes.

At night, when it’s a little cooler, it’s best to head to the Plaza de Los Naranjos square in the center of the city. There you can enjoy best tapas in bars of Marbella with a long tradition. The sunny weather and microclimate are just one of the reasons why more and more tourists are spending their winters here. With such a rich offer, it is hard to imagine winter holidays anywhere else but in Marbella and its surroundings.